The Company «ERGO-PSYCHTIKI S.A.», deals, since 1985, mainly with Technical Studies and Constructions for the whole spectrum of Electrical & Mechanical Installations, with a significant emphasis to the Air-Conditioning Installations as well as Installations of Industrial Refrigeration.

The Company is Managed by Mr Dimitri L. Orfanos (Dipl. Mechanical & Electrical Engineer) and is integrated by two (2) more Dipl. Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, twelve (12) big experience Technicians of relevant specialties, as well as by two (2) employees for the Financial Dept. and one (1) employee for the Secretariat.

The Company possesses a very significant experience in projects of big extension and is specialized in executing the whole extend of the Electrical & Mechanical part of a project («Turn-on Key Projects»).

As far as Electrical & Mechanical Installation Projects are concerned, «ERGO-PSYCHTIKI S.A.» has undertaken and completed every kind of Projects, as follows:
– Central Air-Conditioning and Central Heating and Ventilating Projects,
– Industrial Refrigeration Projects (Cooling and Freezing Chambers, Freezing Tunnels),
– «Clean Rooms» Plants, especially for the Industry of Electric Cables,
– Special «Sterile Chambers» Plants, for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Hospital Operation Rooms,
– Projects of «Μean Voltage» Electrical Substations (22.000 Volts),
– Industrial Office Buildings & Residence Electrical Installations,
– Special < ENERGY SAVING > Projects & Solutions,
– Electric Energy Production Systems of Low, Mean and Big Power, using PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS connected or not to the Public Electric Company Network.
– Installations of Power Factor Correction in both the «Mean» and «Low» sides of voltage, as well as Special & Extensive «Intermediate Energy Metering» Projects.
– Fire Protection Installations, of every kind and extend,
– Water Supply & Distribution as well as Sewage Installations,
– Special Industrial Ventilation Installations,
– Special Calories Metering Systems Installations, both in existent and new Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems,
– Special Industrial Projects of «Light Materials Pneumatic Conveying»,
– Cental Compressed Air Distribution (Piping) Systems,
– Special Projects of Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation Systems,

The Company «ERGO-PSYCHTIKI S.A.» does not represent any particular type or make of Machinery, but it co-operates with any «brand name» Companies of the relevant branches, from which the Machinery needed is purchased, to complete the whole project it undertakes. All projects undertaken, are carried out by the most severe specifications existed in the Engineering Science and Technical Artistry.

Finally, «ERGO-PSYCHTIKI S.A.» provides Maintenance and Repair Services in the branch of Building and Industrial Applications, so that the relevant Mechanical & Electrical Installations, to be maintained in an excellent condition for many many years, as well as in a full working readiness.